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Market Entry to Hong Kong / China

A market entry strategy is the planned method of delivering goods or services to a new target market and distributing them there. For enterprises exporting products to China, it refers to establishing and managing new business relationship in China. It is important for new entrants to get enough information before making right decisions and finally achieving increased sales, brand awareness and business stability.

Importance of Sufficient Analysis for Market Entry

Effective international strategic entry enables a company to compete successfully in foreign market like China and it is the first step of a comprehensive framework for achieving a firm`s fundamental goals. Developing a strategy for a single, specified market is of great importance. With updated social, technological and economic changes, there should be a strategic planning for market entry. Many bigger multinational companies already have or are expected to their office or even factory in China. They want to enter China`s first-tier and even second-tier cities in China step by step. A successful plan for market entry will identify how and where will the company produce, get and sell its products, how will the company compete with its competitors and what are the key factors for success. All of these are very valuable for a company entering a new market in fast-growing China.


For an overseas enterprise to enter China, Daxue Consulting offer professional foreign market analysis. A general process is given below and more details to be added in accordance with enterprise`s requirements.

  1. Custom- tailored PEST or PESTEL analysis
    1. Analysis on political, economic, social and technical factors based on DX data resources.
  2. Custom-tailored Porter`s Five Forces model to identify market potential
    1. Analysis on suppliers, competitors, consumers, substitutes and market entry.
  3. Developing core competencies
  4. Evaluating costs, benefits and risks
  5. Identifying market selection, market attractiveness and market barriers
  6. Identifying timing of the market entry (e.g. waterfall strategy, sprinkler strategy, wave strategy)
  7. Designing market entry strategies
    1. Choosing a mode of entry. There are advantages in ownership, location and internationalization for overseas enterprise.
    2. Choosing exporting to foreign markets, e.g. intra-corporate transfers
    3. We give detailed valuable considerations on government policies, marketing concers and distribution issues, export intermediaries and international licensing.
    4. Find a name in China

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