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A team dedicated to offer you the best understanding of Chinese market

Daxue Research & Consulting has office in Beijing and Shanghai. Our team will be happy to answer your question and provide you with all the needed information and insights about China market. We work with clients in China to thrive and survive a rapidly changing future. Our well trained team supports our client to a sustainable growth for their business in China.

Over the year Daxue Consulting has been helping companies with its insights and intelligence of the Chinese market.  From our website and our publications, you will find the evidence of our knowledge and experience. Our Consultants and market researchers have offered over the time highly strategic market research in China. Daxue Consulting team is composed of both international and local collaborators who have a hands-on approach to all our projects.

Our dedication is to give you the best understanding of Chinese consumers and to assist you in any China market entry and development project. Contact us for more information!

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