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Online Survey in Hong Kong / China

Online survey is a questionnaire that can be completed by target audiences over the Internet. It is regarded as an efficient and effort-saving tool to collect market information which helps market research institutions and companies to deeply understand customers` favorites and opinions. With a database to store qualitative and quantitative statistics, from demographic information (age, education level, income level, etc.) and social data (causes, activities, etc.), online survey can provide basic forms of analytics for a specific product, service or brand.

Benefits we get from online survey in China

Simplicity of market survey tools

Survey forms can be created quite quickly online based on prepared documents in PC files. In China, survey invitations are typically sent by emails, intra-net message boxes, Wechat and Renren. Responses are then captured electronically with direct answering on the online survey platform.

Low cost

The operation and maintenance costs are lower than recruiting a large amount of part-time workers to send postal mails and to invite passers-by to answer questions on the street in such a large country in China. The cost may be half or one third of traditional ways of costing.

Large scale data acquisition in shorter time

 Online survey in China makes it possible for companies to collect large amount of data in different areas in China simultaneously. For instance, large survey scheme requiring 3000 respondents which used to be done more than one month in the past can be finished in two weeks through online survey channels.

Response rate

Through online questionnaires, it is easier to attract qualified respondents to answer questions with cash rewards and the chance for lucky draws. The authentication can be ensured through several manners. The database of 1 million or even 10 million registered active respondents located all over China is a guarantee of a good sampling.

Questionnaire complexity

Internet web form surveys are fairly flexible to create a complex survey that has questions to identify respondents wanted and can control the sample to make a balance of numbers of participants with different geographic, demographic and behavioral characteristics. It is interesting to understand the questionnaire designing tools and how to choose wanted functions supplied by online survey panels.

Daxue Consulting offers online survey tools for your business

Daxue Consulting has offered online survey service for some businesses. For example, there was a foreign food company which produces a kind of berried cookie with chocolate and want to enter China`s market. Daxue Consulting carried out the case from detailed questionnaire design to invitation of respondents, from reward design to payment of bonus, from data collection on our China’s online panel to complex but easy-going analysis & proposals.

We surveyed about 1000 people in five cities, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Harbin and Chengdu with both largest population and a mix-culture with western elements in China. We invited participants through URL links, phone messages and internal letters on Sina Blog, Sina Weibo, Doc in and Kai Xin Wang. We have two ways to reward respondents, namely, money reward and physical reward such as phone credit and gift vouches for online shopping. The research was successful and the business has been on the progress. A next round of surveys in Qingdao, Shenzhen, Fuzhou will be on the way soon.