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Market Report Based on China’s Market Condition

A market report, as one kind of business reports, reflects the market condition in terms of product or service. It provides information of a product or service considering price level, demand and supply, nature of transaction and trend in a particular market at a specified period.

Daxue`s commitment to market research and market reports demonstrated by our ongoing efforts to keep cutting-edge tools of the business and technology available to our strategic tasks. We have been continuously developing our market report product since the company was established. We offer our clients easy access to current market conditions, macro-and micro-environment, opportunities & risks based on our market research competencies built by our increasing series of market reports. And our clients and make business decisions with respect to the background of specific market segments.

The reports are based on our accumulated data collection from reliable published information or gray literature. We do further researches including face-to-face and telephone interviews, offline and online surveys with related government officials, utility managers, engineers, journalists, institution researchers and industrial opinion leaders.

Daxue Consulting offers great expertise through market reports in China

We do market reports on China`s luxury, medical device & nursery, food & beverage, cosmetics, wine, auto, sports ware markets and so on, with a good understanding of how foreign brands and domestic brands compete in these markets as well as future potentials. Our market report usually includes:

  • Overview
  • Development of China`s XX Market.
  • XX Market Channel
  • XX MarketSegments and Emerging Market Segments
  • World and Domestic Competitors in China`s XX Market

In terms of the development of China`s XX market, we focus on the supply and the demand side, import and export data, regional distribution of the business, the tariff, policies, trend. We also analyze competition pattern, including corporate strategy in different regions, the distribution of market share and branding strategy in different regions in China, the development of foreign invests in China, etc.

For market channel, our research puts emphasis on four different aspects, namely department stores, supermarket, franchise stores and e-business. Or we make some adjustment, for instance, direct selling, drugstores according to particular requirement. Basically, we provide information on status quo, main features, some good operation models, ways of channel expansion and any further development trend in China`s market.

Market segments in China

For market segments, we divide the topic into sub-categories according to the nature of the products for detailed further analysis. For example, for cosmetic market, we divide it into skincare products, make-ups and perfume. Then, we conduct specific analysis for each category on market size and structure, competition pattern, price pattern and how business can find more opportunities in an existing market and create a market through selling a concept.

Although there are some players in these emerging markets, the markets lack dominant leader and is also far from mature.