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Leading French Newspaper Le Monde, click here here (2), here (3and see : Matthieu David and Daxue Consulting quoted in Le Monde

Global Times (French): here

Global Times (English): here

Reuters : here

Essec Business School, click here, here (2)

Yahoo Finance, click here

Investment fund Kima Ventures, click here

The Financial Times (FT), click here or here about Daxue Consulting

Bloomberg Business Week, click here

China Ecnomic Review

French Chamber of commerce, here and here

Technode, click here, here (2), here (3)


Envie d’entreprendre, click here

French Web, click here

JCEF Beijing, click here

Rude Baguette, click here, here (2)

Peking University Guanghua Business School, click here

48-Hour Start-Up, click here

Forum Travailler Ensemble, click here

Zhong Guo Wine, click here

World Trade Marker View, click here, click here 2

Marketing to China, click herehere 2, here 3

Pourquoi Entreprendre, clicke here


Journal du Net

Just Food

Evercontact: here 


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