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Why Business training in China

Business training is believed by Daxue Consulting to be a strategic method to rethink competitors and partners. When foreign companies want to do business in China, it is important to learn from those with in-depth market experience so gaps in business knowledge and market understanding don’t turn into stumbling blocks.

The Business training in China can concern China readiness, entry strategy, company operations, branding, entry mode, sales service and visits to China.

What Daxue Consulting offers for Business training in China ?

In China, business training has wide market demand but limited supply. The most popular sector is e-commerce thanks to the prosperity of online sales. The lecturers of this course are mainly managers of famous e-business webs. However, China lacks business training for foreign businessman. CEIBS has been offering a 3 to 5 days English-taught course, the topic of which is a general course about the way of business operation in China. Other general courses are given in two languages with site interpreters. In comparison, Daxue Consulting mainly focus on providing custom-designed service to our foreign clients who are thought to be managers and the head of company`s business in China.

Daxue Consulting conducts desk research and interviews with expert to get primary data for lectures. The training will last 5 to 7 days with one or two trained speaker to explain necessary tools and insights for the client who promote specific products into China`s market. Our speakers can lead different training modules according to different needs. For example, for a Singaporean company, we analyzed their objectives and their methodologies to outcome and come up with our course design, largely focusing on:

– Lawyer specialized in the brand registration in China,

– Distribution and retailing process expert on the Chinese food manufacturing sector,

– Logistics expert,

– E-commerce expert,

– Etc.

Daxue Consulting offer strong expertise of China’s market

Daxue Consulting is a China-based company, which means we have large source of China`s market information.and are quite different from consultancies overseas whose information source are all English. In the lectures, our client will receive up-to-date photos, the information of stores, distributors, competitors, together with recorded videos of our interviews and conference with experts in China. We provide necessary custom-tailored materials/tools for companies to help them comprehend the prerequisite for business and how to deal with opportunities & challenges.

Another luminous point for the mini-MBA program is that each course is particularly designed for a certain company. The program combines industry-related updated data with business tools and proposals as well as displays a company`s certain exterior and interior business environment and capabilities to utilize. Case studies and site visits are carefully selected. We promise to design most relevant case studies on key commercial issues. Meanwhile, we can arrange site visits to related industries for our client as required. We choose these sites carefully to match the training topics. Primary impression of business environment and potential partners can be built in this term. At last, we will follow client`s business process and answer client`s additional questions about their market strategy after the mini-MBA program.