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What is a Business Plan?

A business plan is a written document outlining all influencing factors related to your business and necessary actions to achieve business success. The primary value of a business plan is its evaluation of all aspects of the economic viability of your business venture. It is a promotion sheet of your business. Regardless of business`s size and nature, a well-prepared business plan is elementary for a favorable start.

What can Daxue Consulting do for your Business Plan in China?

There would be some practical issues of running a business in China. Firstly, for overseas enterprises, Daxue Consulting offers professional Chinese market analysis which is necessary for your business plan’s strategy in China. We do custom-tailored macro-environment analysis on political, economic, social and technical factors as well as find market potential in China based on analysis on suppliers, competitors, consumers, substitutes. After the identification of segments, such as cities, income groups, followed by targeting with a clear positioning of your brand and product, a timeline should be set out for the plan.

Secondly, we help you to structure your business. Based on an understanding of specific attractive attributes of your product or service, we give proposals on how to fully utilize your competitive advantages to build a reputation of exceptional quality, providing customers with exceptional experience and finally to outstand other market players. We offer recommendations on the access to find local or international qualified staff to maintain and later expand the business.

When doing the business plan focusing on a foreign market, like China, for your business, it is also important to choose reliable import intermediaries in China or use intra-corporate transfers. Moreover, there are issues of marketing, distribution and international licensing.

The most important thing is what we do is based on our latest updated market research information with no delays. Our collection of primary and secondary data reflects the most valuable info that a company into China would like to know currently. First, we describe new technological channels to reach customers and how products are bought and consumed. Second, we suggest effective advertising and cost-saving promotional tools for you to employ. Third, a dynamic sales effort is another key to success which involves the way of customer establishment, customer retention, and customer development, for example, how to attract new customers to come into the store or how to turn short-term customers to long-term customers in today`s Chinese society. In addition, we can provide information of banks or other funding sources as well as relevant policies and regulations for your business.

We suggest you try product testing before you start to introduce a new product to China`s market. Although foreign products are extremely popular in China, there is no guarantee that Chinese people could accept all flavors and types.

All in all, a healthy, growing and stable industry is warmly welcomed by the Chinese market, which will bring economic benefit not only to businessmen but also countries. Daxue Consulting is expected to work intelligently for multinational cooperation.

What to avoid in your Business Plan in China?

Please place some reasonable limits on a plan which lasts more than one year. It is better and more realistic to stick to short-term objectives and keep up with your business progress. China`s market encourages innovation and any improvements that enhance people’s living standard. Our job is to give you a clear view of achievable goals. Moreover, it is not only the uniqueness of your business but also the way you market and sell the uniqueness in China`s market that contribute to success.