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Why retail store-check in China

Store-check is a market research method provided to companies to help understand how sales staff in branches/stores performs to delivery service from the customers` perspective. Stores are not only a place to display products, but also an origin to deliver enterprise culture and its specific ways to serve customers.

Daxue consulting offers strong expertise in retail store-check in China

With expertise in store-check service, Daxue Consulting have done store-checks for companies in a variety of industries, such as cosmetics, electronic appliances, red wine, luxuries, cosmetics, food & beverage and the automobile industry. We build our own system of evaluation and proposals.

Daxue Consulting` store-check service in China comprises simple factual observation of branches or stores as well as in-store services. For simple observation of the store, our store-checkers observe product placement, promotion display and evaluate everything from lighting levels, music to the cleanliness of shelves and ground. For store-checks of service level, we focus on external and internal façades, signage’s, cleanliness, waiting time, response time, commercial signage, display shelves, the state of equipment in use, adherence to the company’s standards etc. We also do comparative analysis based on store-checks in competitors` distributions. Our store-check service can also extend to make a purchase or enquiry if required, the store-checker posing to be an actual or potential customer, on the basis of a complicated scenario designed before. Finally we provide the company a standardized report highlighting most important aspects.

Daxue consulting provides visibility-check in retail stores

We also conduct visibility-check of a certain product in retail stores as a part of our solution of retail store-check in China. This service includes brand visibility, product visibility, category visibility and relative visibility. For example, when we check the product in a retail store, we will audit how often we can see the band in stores being audited. And as for product visibility, we calculate how many customers go into the store and how many of them finish at least one transaction in a fixed period of time. Furthermore, we will check the number of the product and compare it to the whole number of relevant product in this category.

Besides, our store-check personnel are well trained by experienced consultants. We teach them how to do role-play in avoidance of recognition so that the results will be authentic. Also, we manage to select the targeted stores in different regions of a city to give results as representative as possible. Later on, we reexamine the video or sound record of store-check interview to ensure the credibility of information and protect its privacy.


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