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Why Mystery Shopping in Hong Kong and Shanghai?

Mystery shopping is a market research method that is used in order to analyze the quality of consumers` experiences provided by the company or its competitors through the eyes of a typical customer. Daxue Consulting have used this method to help companies to enter or enlarge the market in electronic appliances, red wine, luxuries, cosmetics, food and beverage and the automobile industry. A set of rating systems and a framework of proposals has been established. We offer all different types of mystery shopping in Hong Kong and Shanghai, including integrity shopping, competitor shopping, price comparison shopping, phone mystery shopping, video mystery shopping, online mystery shopping, etc.

Daxue Consulting offers high expertise in mystery shopping in Hong Kong

Daxue Consulting`s expertise in mystery shopping in Hong Kong is based on the effective recruitment and management of a large amount of experienced field researchers. These mystery shoppers have good education background and are trained to collect data to examine the business while posing as potential customers. Mystery shoppers make records in a professional way to give precise information to the consultancy team to do further strategic reports

Great value created by mystery shopping for foreign companies

For foreign companies which have branches and stores in China, it is vitally important to understand its service level. As foreign companies may not have easier access to physical resources than local players, customer experience is a key factor to win customers. Since more and more Chinese customers tend to shop online thanks to the prosperity of online markets, retailers become aware of the fact that customers entering a physical store are expecting a distinguishing shopping experience which they cannot get online. Thus, foreign companies have to use mystery shopping in Hong Kong and Shanghai to measure how well their branches or stores are delivering that experience.

Mystery shopping, as a powerful and effective research method, unveils the company`s current service level and makes it possible for the company to improve its service and operations from Chinese customers` perspective. For example, for mystery shopping in stores, the company will understand the external / internal façades, signage’s, cleanliness, waiting time, adherence to the company’s standards etc., so that the company can know the key issues to improve its service.

Foreign companies and organizations can also other great benefits from mystery shopping in Hong Kong and Shanghai. First, they can identify their weaknesses compared to Chinese players and other foreign competitors through a most cost-effective way. Second, a more tactical staff training scheme can be conducted. Third, the effectiveness of business planning in China`s market can be enhanced. Fourth, foreign companies can detect dishonesty in their compliance with stores, poor service and bad performance as well as set good examples.